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Dreaming of Exclusive, Intimate Weddings in Italy?

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Italian romance, history, art, and exquisite culinary taste.

Just a handful of reasons why many couples, near and far, choose to book an intimate wedding in Italy, surrounded by their closest family and friends.

However, when you don't live in Italy and don't have the time to spend weeks or months here planning your wedding, how do you make those romantic dreams of an exclusive, fairytale wedding come true?

You hire me, Elena Le Fosse, as your wedding planner, of course!

Specializing in intimate weddings in Italy, I go above and beyond to transform those dreams you have into a beautiful reality – and one that doesn't just meet your expectations but surpasses them entirely.

I will be by your side from the moment you decide to get married in Italy, right through to the time you're whisked off on your honeymoon after a breathtaking day and night of pure, joyous celebrations.


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What Makes Weddings in Italy So Special?


The Epitome of Romance

Ultimately, Italy is the epitome of romance, which is why it's probably been the natural choice for you and your partner since you got engaged.

When it comes to weddings abroad, there isn't anywhere as charming, elegant, and timeless as Italy. Each enchanting city boasts its own unique character and style, steeped in culture and history that dates back thousands of years.

Add to this the delicious cuisine and stunning vistas around every corner and it's not hard to see why Italy is the perfect and most sensational backdrop for your intimate wedding.
Your experience in Italy will also be brought to life by the locals and our vibrant way of life.

We Italians are romantic, courteous, spontaneous, and love great food and good company – providing the perfect mix of ingredients to make weddings in Italy truly unique and exclusive.
Family is also at the heart of our culture - it's this emotional, close-knit feeling that many couples want to experience and celebrate on their wedding day.

With my help, you, your partner, and all your guests will live an authentic Italian experience, creating memories that last a lifetime.
La Dolce Vita!


Convenient Location

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, Italy is incredibly accessible from international destinations.

With so many well-connected domestic and international airports, getting to your wedding location is easy and stress-free.

This takes another huge concern away from your destination wedding as you know you and your guests will be able to reach the venue with ease. No arduous journeys, lengthy travel times, and inconvenient stop-offs required.


Intimate Weddings

As a wedding planner, I've seen and organized a lot of weddings. And I used to help brides and grooms put together large, elaborate weddings that featured an overflowing guest list. A guest list that featured many people either the bride or groom (or both!) had never met before, but felt they had to invite.

Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to realize that intimate weddings held so much more passion, uniqueness, and style. Intimate weddings truly reflect the affectionate and cherished family culture of Italy.

Therefore, with an intimate Italian wedding, you'll know that everyone who's there is there because they truly love you and are happy for you (not because they want free food and drink). You'll also be able to spend more time with these guests.

And all of this makes for a far more memorable wedding – for all the right reasons. With such intimacy, the emotions of your wedding day will be shared and heightened by all, which just adds to the overwhelmingly romantic atmosphere.


Why choose Italy for an intimate wedding?

Not only does the intimacy of a smaller guest list capture the romance of Italy and its culture, but the choice to get married abroad gives you the opportunity to be more discerning with your guest list.

By removing yourself from the "circus" that's often involved in weddings in your home country, you're able to focus on what's most important to you, your partner, and your guests.

Far too often weddings get out of hand, quickly becoming something that's tailored to hundreds of guests' tastes rather than the vision of the bride and groom. An intimate wedding eradicates all of this hype, pressure, and stress that's placed on many young couples getting married today.

Smaller weddings are irrevocably unique because they stand for everything that's personal to you and your future husband or wife. It is your own bespoke day - showcasing your life and future together - not a manufactured event that's made to fit in with society and its expectations.

What Problems Do Couples Getting Married in Italy Face?

While it's clear that weddings in Italy boast an unbeatable array of benefits, what challenges do couples face when they choose to get married abroad?

First, there's the sheer anxiety that surrounds the planning of the event. How do you attend to every little detail when you aren't on-hand to oversee things on a day-to-day basis?

This leads to a fear of letting down guests and making a bad impression because the wedding isn't what everyone expected or anticipated – including you.

The couple getting married worries that it will quickly become obvious they weren't there to organize those small, special details that make weddings so personal and extraordinary.

There's also the concern that, with a limited timeframe in which to find a venue, accommodations, and so on (due to having to fly to Italy to organize all this), they'll end up settling for something that's not quite right for them. Or, even worse, they may go home without having secured a booking because they were unable to find THE perfect location.

And, as they start to pull everything together, make bookings, and organize their big day, how do they know they're not being taken advantage of because they're currently residing at the other side of the world?

All of these thoughts and concerns can quickly take over the romanticism and excitement of planning your wedding abroad.

But don't let your ambition to have an intimate, exclusive, and meaningful wedding in Italy waver.

Why Should You Hire a Wedding Planner in Italy?

Why do couples face all of the above problems when they're getting married in Italy?

Because they're hundreds of miles away and are unable to oversee the finite details of their wedding. This makes them feel out of control, unsure, and concerned that their dream wedding isn't going to live up to expectation.

The solution?

Hiring a wedding planner who specializes in making young couple's dreams come true.

And that's exactly where I can help.

With my unwavering passion, dedication, and exceptional attention to detail, I boast all of the qualities you'll look for in your wedding planner – and more.

From the very beginning when you're searching for that breathtaking location, to the days leading up to your wedding when you want to make subtle changes or check everything's going to plan, I am by your side.

At all times, you will have a trusted confidant in Italy, so you feel a constant connection to your upcoming big day.

With me as your destination wedding planner, you don't need to worry about all of the aforementioned concerns because you know I'm right at the heart of it all, taking care of those key concerns and aspirations you have – so that your wedding day will match the dream wedding you've had your heart set on.

Why Choose HeraEl?

Now you know the benefits of hiring a wedding planner - but why should you choose me?

Since 2014, I've been helping young couples achieve their own intimate, exclusive, Italian wedding. I'm in tune with what couples want from their wedding, what trends are current, and what locations offer the most distinguished settings – I'm Italian weddings personified.

There are also a number of other key areas I can take care of so you don't have to.



No one likes paperwork, but when you're trying to complete paperwork in a foreign language this takes things to a whole new level.

Not only do you have to navigate through potentially complex processes and requirements, but you have to do this with a language barrier in the way, which is seemingly impossible in some cases.

However, I can manage all of this for you, ensuring all the legal documents and paperwork are put in place – without you having to use Google Translate for every-single-word!

I can also make advisements and recommendations where possible, should you wish.


Local Vendors

While you may visit Italy to explore its stunning local areas and to find your ideal location, you might not have time to thoroughly research and explore the other key aspects of your wedding. This includes catering, flowers, transportation, guest accommodations, wedding favors, and so on.

With contacts for trusted, professional, local vendors, I can put forward recommendations for each of these important components.

By providing testimonials, pictures, and contact with these vendors, it gives you peace of mind that all these individual details are being taken care of and are in keeping with your expectations.



I'm always the first to know when there are special deals and discounts to be had, particularly if you're getting married off-season. I also know who is up for negotiation and who isn't, so you don't have to worry about getting the best possible price. You should never be afraid to ask or negotiate deals – which I'm certainly not!

For example - a venue may offer in-house catering, which if you choose it, may lower the cost of the rent.

And again, there aren't any intimidating language barriers to try and overcome.


From Start to Finish

My help doesn't end as soon as you walk down the aisle.

Throughout the entire ceremony and reception, myself and my team (who are personally trained by me) are working in the background to make sure everything runs smoothly, and each little detail is taken care of – so you don't have to.

This means you can just relax with your partner and enjoy the day you have been dreaming of for so long.

What You Can Expect from Our Wedding Planning Packages

One thing's for sure, our wedding planning packages are entirely bespoke and cater directly to you and your partner's unique, individual requirements and expectations. With complete management from start to finish, you'll have total peace of mind that, as your wedding planner in Italy, I will provide you with all the support and professional guidance you need.

So, while each service is tailored to you, your budget, and requirements, you can expect the following (to name just a few):


  • A full consultation to discuss all your dreams, hopes, and fears for your big day
  • A trip to see potential venues that you've handpicked from our shortlist
  • Sourcing and booking the venues for your ceremony and wedding, ensuring they meet with your discerning standards
  • Vendor suggestions for a photographer, caterer, florist, and so on
  • Full guidance on the legal documents required as well as translation services – so you know what you're signing!
  • Ongoing advice on payments and when they are due
  • Budget tracking
  • A detailed schedule of events for your special day
  • On-hand decoration assistance and coordination on the day itself
  • Styling recommendations (if desired)
  • Help planning any events you want to host before or after your wedding
  • Help booking guest accommodations and transfers from the airport
  • Response to any questions you have within 24 hours – regardless of what day of the week it is
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 


And you'll enjoy all of this without any worries, concerns, or loss of your own time.

The Complete Wedding Package

I pride myself on offering a tailor-made package that covers every detail, no matter how small it may be.

From the first time we speak to the day you wake up married, I live and breathe your wedding for you, just like it's my own. With a smile, a personable approach, and unique insight into intimate Italian weddings, you'll see that my love for planning and designing weddings is also my calling.

Without this unwavering passion, I wouldn't be able to offer the extraordinary, intimate weddings in Italy that my clients dream of and talk about for years after the event.

Ready to start planning the wedding of a lifetime? Then FILL OUT THE FORM TO THIS  LINK to take the first step – I can't wait to work with you to make your dreams a reality!