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Wedding Planner – Consultation


Why seek consultation when organizing a wedding?


An event of this magnitude involves deadlines that need to be respected, details that must be defined and a budget to be determined and last, but not least and often overlooked, exceptional organizational skills.


Advice on how to organize your Wedding


As a Wedding Planning Consultant, I will give advice and offer suggestions to organize your wedding with complete peace of mind. We will work very closely together since you are the true organizers of the event, and I will be providing unrelenting professional support.


Organizing a wedding can be a very stressful experience, especially in the initial phases when there are a multitude of things to plan: finding the location for the ceremony and the reception, selecting suppliers such as the florist, choosing menus, determining seating arrangements, just to name a few.


Our consulting service will help you stay on track with the never-ending to-do list, and will also be a safe haven for any concerns or questions you may have.

Timing and budget


These are two key points in organizing a wedding. Carefully determining the timing is essential in ensuring the success of the event, since many deadlines are dependent on each other.

Budget is another element to be carefully considered.
How much does a wedding cost? This is a question that couples often ask and, of course, the answer depends on how much they are willing to spend.

A consultant is able to recommend the best suppliers possible to satisfy every budget.



Wedding Day Coordinator


If you have already finalized the details of your wedding, and now want to sit back and enjoy all the magical moments of your special day, this service will guarantee a discreet presence to overlook and manage every aspect of your wedding.

In this capacity, the Wedding Planner will make sure that everything runs smoothly, from managing the various suppliers and monitoring timelines, to solving logistic or bureaucratic issues that may arise.

The Wedding Planner will act as your guardian angel, constantly by your side and invisible, but always available, to ensure that your wedding unfolds exactly as you have always wanted: a day filled with happiness, where you can relax and enjoy yourselves.


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Wedding design


This is a personalized scenic design service. I will listen carefully while you describe the wedding of your dreams and then turn your dreams into a custom wedding project.

A true scenic design for your wedding. I will design the perfect setting by interpreting your wishes and desires to create a truly unique experience, where every detail is meticulously coordinated.

Thanks to your imagination and my know-how, flowers, ribbons, lights and candles will create an unforgettable setting and an everlasting memory for you and your guests.



Complete wedding planning service


This service is designed for those who have no time or patience to manage the organization of a wedding. A Wedding Planner can take care of every detail of your most beautiful day, and all you will need to do is get married in total peace of mind.

If you are thinking about getting married in Puglia but your social and business obligations don't leave you with either the time or the energy to organize such a wedding, then you need a professional to work for you.

As a Wedding Planner I will deal with planning the whole event, relieving you from the most boring tasks and involving you in the more exciting phases. All there will be left for you to do is enjoy the fun and magical atmosphere of your special day.


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Wedding design and planning


What does designing and planning a wedding entail? Thinking of all the preparations well in advance.

Have you thought about the suppliers, about the style and theme of the wedding, about the budget, the wedding favors, the wedding list, the guests and the seating arrangements? And, above all, have you decided where you want to get married?

This is the Wedding Planner's job: to create an event, such as a wedding, from scratch, after one or more consultations and meetings with the couple.



Wedding staging and scenic setting


We spoke about the style and the theme of your wedding. As a Wedding Planner, I will guide you in the selection of flowers and decorations.

You no doubt have a vision of what you want
the Church, or other location where the ceremony is to be held, to look like. During this phase, I will recommend ideal settings based on the season and your budget.

Coordination and Supervision of Suppliers


As a Wedding Planner, I deal with excellent suppliers in Puglia and, at this stage of the planning, I will recommend the best professionals and companies in the sector, who guarantee excellent services and results, while keeping within your budget.