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How and Where to Get Married in the splendid Florence by HeraEl

Marriage is one of those anniversaries that occur only once in life (or at least, hopefully!) And its organization that requires so much coordination and attention on all fronts.

It is important that everything is taken care of and studied in every detail, from the location to the reception, and that all the guests are at ease. Unfortunately, when there is so much to think about all together, the risk of forgetting something or running into something unexpected is always around the corner.


If you have decided to get married in Florence or in the surrounding areas, however, you may have an advantage: among all the Italian cities, known for their historical and cultural wealth, Florence retains the everlasting charm and unique romanticism of the Renaissance era. You will not be hard-pressed to find fabulous locations, like not even all the professionals who will contribute to the success of your wedding.


Getting married in Florence Wedding in Florence


If you are planning your wedding you will certainly have many things on your mind: the choice of location, restaurant, wedding dress, wedding invitations, wedding favors and so on.

This is why we decided to build a small wedding guide in Florence, able to guide you in choosing some aspects of your wedding day.


Florentine villas for fairytale weddings


It is useless to state the opposite: the key to a successful marriage is the choice of location.
Here is a selection of the best villas in Florence and surroundings, where you can organize a dream reception.


Villa Le Maschere Resort


This ancient villa from the sixteenth century is located on the hills of Mugello, immersed in the peace and bright colors of the Florentine countryside.
Villa Le Maschere takes them well, thanks to numerous restorations that make it one of the leading wedding locations today.

The villa actually houses a magnificent luxury resort, whose style blends meticulously classic and modern. Inside you will find delightful stuccoes, frescoes and decorated floors, which are the background of modern furnishings with a contemporary taste. Getting married in a place of such style and refinement will make your great "yes" absolutely unique.


Villa La Borghetta


Born as a lookout tower and then transformed into a noble summer residence, Villa La Borghetta stands among the Florentine hills in all its charm.
Surrounded by the greenery of the Chianti countryside, among the vines, olive trees and meadows that stretch as far as the eye can see, Villa La Borghetta is also suitable for smaller and intimate ceremonies, and for those who generally prefer to marry in privacy and tranquility, compared to a more chaotic ceremony.
The Resort is also an excellent solution to stop and sleep, together with friends and relatives, to complete celebrations. At guests' disposal also the indoor pool and the wellness center, to regenerate after the "efforts" of the wedding party!


Vicchiomaggio Castle


From the aristocratic and refined air, the Castello Vicchiomaggio rises in the Greve area, in the immediate outskirts of Florence.

What makes it a dream location for your wedding? The majestic interior spaces, the elegance of the Renaissance rooms, the care of the outdoor spaces with the delightful courtyard and the large swimming pool that opens up in the garden: getting married in this corner of paradise will assure you and all the guests an unforgettable day.


Getting married in Florence with a civil ceremony: here's how


If you have decided to marry in the Municipality of Florence with a civil ceremony, then you must organize yourself with the necessary bureaucratic process and consider the times required.

The average time required by the City of Florence for the drafting of the documents is 150 days, and as indicated by the official website of the municipality of Florence, the union must be celebrated within 180 consecutive days of the proclamation of the wedding.

As for the location, all weddings are celebrated in Palazzo Vecchio, one of the symbolic beauties of the city, which is located right in the heart of the historic center of Florence, in Piazza della Signoria.


The rooms available for getting married in a civil ceremony are the Sala Rossa, the Sala di Lorenzo, and the Salone de 'Cinquecento. The latter is certainly of great impact thanks to its width (54 meters in length and 23 in width) and the wonderful historical frescoes that decorate all the walls: the regal atmosphere and the majesty of the environment make this one of the most beautiful places of the city where to get married.


As an alternative to the rooms of the City of Florence, you can also celebrate your wedding with a civil ceremony at the Rose Garden, a park of extraordinary beauty located on the hill of San Miniato, from which you can enjoy an enchanting view. Thanks to the wide presence To reach it is necessary to go in the Oltrarno area and reach Piazzale Michelangelo: the Garden is located in via Poggi.


There is another alternative for newlyweds who want to get married in Florence with a civil ceremony: the Bardini Municipal Museum, in via de 'Renai 37. With its vast collection of more than 200 works of art including sculptures, paintings, and objects of art, it is a location without a doubt unique in its kind.


Finally, much sought after by the promised spouses who chose Florence to join in marriage, there is Villa Vogel, all'Isolotto. Thanks to its immense park that extends for more than 1000 square meters with adjoining pond and equipped space, it is the perfect location for the most romantic ceremonies. In addition to enjoying the enchanting green that is king here, Villa Vogel will be an excellent photo set for your wedding album.


The most beautiful churches in Florence for your "yes"


If you have decided to get married, Florence is definitely a perfect city to fulfill your dream: every corner of the historic center and the neighborhoods in the immediate outskirts preserve historical and artistic beauties.
Here is a selection of the most beautiful churches and basilicas to celebrate your wedding in Florence and surroundings.


Basilica of Santa Croce


Characterized by a facade of colored Carrara marble of extraordinary beauty, the Basilica of Santa Croce is known worldwide for housing the remains of some of the most famous Italian artists, they are an example: Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Galileo. Getting married here is the dream of art and literature lovers of our country.
Suitable for weddings with many guests, this historical location is able to convey a sense of solemnity and prestige to the ceremony as perhaps no other place.


Basilica of the Holy Spirit


Another example of Florentine architectural beauty is the Basilica of Santo Spirito, also in the Oltrarno district, south of Florence. Not far from Forte Belvedere, this church is characterized by its three large Renaissance naves designed by Brunelleschi.

The position of this Church, in the heart of the historical center but perhaps less "at hand" for the average tourist, makes it a suitable location for those smaller and more intimate ceremonies.


Basilica of San Miniato al Monte


San Miniato al Monte is perhaps one of the most romantic churches to get married around Florence.
Being in one of the highest points of the city, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city, with a privileged view of Piazzale Michelangelo and the historic center.

A real gem, smaller and more intimate than the other sisters in the city, certainly does not lack charm and obviously, history: it is indeed recognized by many as the oldest basilica in Florence.


Wedding album: the most suggestive corners for your shots in Florence and surroundings


Another aspect that should not be underestimated on your wedding day: the location for the photo shoot!

Whether you have decided for a religious or civil ceremony, the city of Florence will undoubtedly be the perfect setting to capture your special day and with a city so rich in historical and artistic beauties, finding a location for wedding photography will be a game to play boys.


The old town offers numerous views suitable for newlyweds, just pay attention to tourists visiting the city, to avoid that they can "accidentally" appear in your photos.

For example, the area of Santa Croce with the majestic square in front of the basilica certainly represents a perfect set for your shots.


How not to mention the Boboli Gardens in this regard? Thanks to its numerous dirt paths with ponds and ancient statues, many romantic shots are guaranteed!
As long as the bride remembers bringing a pair of spare shoes with her ...

To find another location suitable for the occasion you have to go to the Belvedere: Piazzale Michelangelo, San Miniato al Monte, Fiesole offer a wonderful view of the city and will be a perfect background for your photos.


And again, Ponte Vecchio, another symbol of the city of Florence, ideal for original evening shots, when the influx of tourists drops, leaving the scene to you protagonists.

On average, for the success of a photo shoot, it takes at least an hour, even if the location and the harmony between a couple and a photographer definitely make the difference!

In any case, it is better not to prolong too much time dedicated to the photo shoot: do not forget the guests who in the meantime are already waiting for you at the restaurant, maybe with a nice stomach hole!


Wedding invitations: a detail not to be missed!


Another essential element of every self-respecting marriage: wedding invitations. If you and your soul mate have already set the wedding date, you just have to officially communicate the happy event to all the guests.


How to do it? By sending your personalized wedding invitations, which in addition to communicating your union to friends and relatives, invite them to take part in the festivities.

How long before should wedding invitations be sent? Usually from 3 to 5 months before, but taking into account some variables.


If you have decided to get married during the summer months, it may be prudent to advise guests on time: many, especially families with children, book their summer holidays well in advance. Notify them 5 to 6 months in advance, you will avoid their organization problems.


Another possibility: if the city in which the ceremony takes place is very far to reach for the guests, it is appropriate to "prepare" them both at a psychological and organizational level: 8 - 9 months should be sufficient to book any transfers by train or plane.


In any case, it is advisable never to be taken at the last minute: handing a wedding card a month before the date will risk slipping into a very ugly figure.

Whom to contact? The most popular options are three, depending on the budget and time available. You can make your own investments:


  • To a specialized typography, which in Florence are very widespread. Choose a store that is sufficiently stocked and allows you to customize the model you like best.
  • To a specialized online website. Many companies offer a complete service of personalization and printing of the wedding card. Here you could find a wider choice than a classic city typography, receiving the test print directly at home.
  • To a graphic artist, a friend or a relative. Clearly consider this option only if you know a trusted, creative and skilled person enough to do such a long and precise job. It 's true, creating a wedding by hand will save you money, but skimping in these cases is risky: the quality of the materials is important and the result must fully reflect the style of marriage.


Wedding planner: yes or no?


Does organizing your wedding in all its aspects seem like a cyclopean enterprise? Do you have so many things to think about that you do not sleep at night?


In these cases, it is better to contact a specialist wedding planner, a professional who organizes wedding ceremonies and who will be happy to assist you in preparing your wedding.

Infuse, think of everyone -. but just for everyone - the aspects of the big day is not a walk! Even more so if you thought about getting married on the other side of the world.


The challenge is tough, but nothing is impossible, at least if your decision is to get married in Florence!


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How to get married in Italy? Tips to Get You Started

And so you're creating plans to have your marriage in Italy, the world's most beautiful and romantic wedding vane: congratulations: you pick the right place for your exceptional wedding celebrations! But one main question comes to mind about how to get married in Italy? Here're a few vital tips to get started!


These days in Italy there are 3 types of weddings: religious, civil and provided by the concordat. Unlike a lot of other states, in Italy, you would be capable to celebrate your wedding day into antique catholic church having a civil value, too. This is so special kind of wedding, called "MATRIMONIO CONCODATARIO": a religious wedding celebration according to the canon rules that after the record into the register of weddings, deaths, and births, too.


Let's see now which type of system of government you will need to acquire in through to get married in Country...


The civil wedding can be only be performed by the marriage register


If you're a citizen of Greece, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Holland, Switzerland or UK, you have to provide to the registry office of the city you've picked:


  • Documentation of the legal capacity to contact wedding issued by the Registry Office of the City where you reside (into your Home State);
  • Birth papers with your Mom and Dad's names issued completing the worldwide form.


If you're US citizen, you have to provide:


  • A sworn declaration, placed by yourself to the US Embassy or consulate in Italy, showing that, according to the United State rules and regulation, there is no impediment to contract to wed in Italy (the US Consul's signature have to be real)
  • Attested affidavit given by the 4 witness in the presence of an Italian official (in Italy: Abroad: Pretura: Italian Consulate) that, at the example of yourself, say publically that: According to the rule and regulation of United States, there is no Impediment in the direction of the wedding that surname and name, born in, civil status, born in, (in matter of divorced or widower and widow, identify the effective time and date) son, daughter of.. Mother, father, and residence in, Domiciled in... intends to the marriage contract.


If you're an Australian citizen you have to provide:


  • A sworn declaration, placed by yourself to the Australian Embassy in Italy, showing that, according to the rule and regulations of Australia, there's no impediment to contract to wed in Italy (the Australian Consul's signature have to real);
  • The attached affidavit was given by the four witnesses in the presence of an Italian official (in Italy, Italian consul, Pretoria: abroad) that, at the case of yourself, speak out that
  • According to Australian regulation, there's no impediment towards the wedding that: Name/surname, date, civil status, date (in a matter of divorced or widow and widower, identify the efficient date), daughter and son, of Mother and father, live in, domiciled in.. Intends to contract to wed.


If you don't know the Italian, you must have a translator to assist you


The wedding register (that officiates the marriage), will have to interview the next newly married in order to identify their value and complete the so-called verbal procedure: a document stating that there's no impediment to contract that wedding.


You'll be capable to pick the Italian rather than your home state laws to officiate the wedding contract.


Right after the officiation, the marriage registrar will submit a copy of your wedding documentation to your home city.


The religious wedding can have civil effects just if organized into a Catholic church


If you're planning to tie the loop into a Catholic church, you have to meet the parish priest of the venue you've earlier chosen. You and your life partner should offer the right docs to the local diocese of the town where you're willing to get married in Italy. Each paper much have been earlier signed by the own diocese. You'll have to offer documentation of baptism, confirmation and an official document attendance to the pre-marriage course. When the priest has got the NULLA OSTA also from the Italian district, he'll finally capable to officiate your wedding.


Just in case you're planning to the agreement of a wedding provided by the concordat, the priest will have to share the docs acquire by the diocese in change, to the marriage registry. The marriage registrar will write down the Verbal procedure, as a paper civil wedding. After this, the priest has to deliver the wedding document, signed by the couple, to the marriage registry within five days. After a week, the marriage registrar confirms the document and delivers or mails it to the wedded couple.


Anyway, you have to publish the bonus 3 hundred days before getting married and pay stamp charges according to the local rules.


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Southern Italy wedding venues

Charming hills, villages, towns, and castles for a fairytale marriage in Italy!


Celebrating a marriage in southern Italy wedding venues will be as living in a fairy tale... could you feel anything more charming and romantic? Just let us know and you marriage visions and we'll be happy to guide and help you find the southern Italy wedding venues that'll suit you just remarkably!


Leave nothing to chance: advantage from the assistance of A skilled team of marriage planners: we've planned various ceremonies in the most elegant southern Italian wedding destinations and can therefore simply help you fulfilling your wishes and desires.


These wonderful towns, villages, castles, and buildings are so beautiful that we could not help falling in love with them: appealing and charming, they forever offer the complete possibility of organizing something romantic and new.


Enjoy this unique choice of venues and discover your charming and romantic southern Italy wedding venues:


We've carefully picked the ideal locations for a truly matchless, unique Italian marriage: our grooms and brides want to experience the real Italian touch and atmosphere during their life's biggest even and we, therefore, pay the enormous attention in finding the most charming and typical destinations. Every groom and bride differs from one another and every marriage is a unique, incomparable celebration that'd be tailored and thoughtfully planned: whether you would love to celebrate a little, intimate marriage or luxurious huge even, we'll help you find the ideal place for you! discover the possibilities you'll advantage from you in romantic southern Italy wedding venues!


Top Southern Italy wedding venues :


Amalfi Coast Weddings


Amalfi Coast marriages are an unforgettable and joyful experience!


This destination is so wonderful, with its tightly clung to the rock, pastel color towns and villages, a seductively gorgeous stripe of rock landscape, fill with diff and various panoramas that choice from the plunging ravines to the decorated medieval towers in small villages. Small colored boats dot the clear blue sea line like charming tropical fish, the coastal air is filled with fresh ocean scatter scents.


It's difficult not to fall in love with this place and its romance. A charm which lies not just on venues themselves, but also in their time: here you can find some of the exceptional hotels, churches, and one Italy's historical villas.




A stunning castle for an exceptional wedding in Rome!


The CANCELLIERI was built among the 10th – 13th centuries by the noble CANCELLIERI family, children of the Orsini on the ruins of an antique Roma Villas. Through the times CANCELLIERI has seen the rise and fall of the lot of noble that have owned it. Now this similar magical atmosphere, the romantic corners, and the stunning gardens await you, inviting you to dive into the age... over 20 double rooms with wedding ceremony for up to 100 people.


Weddings in Puglia


Apulia is a charming place located in the southern part of Italy, it's rich of elegant landscape, tradition, history, tastes, and spirituality and due to this, it has largely to offer to its tourists. Sea is one its precious thing as the area extends itself along with it – amazing beaches stretch over 850 Km of coastline spotted with steep and cliffs and pure white sand beaches that'll relish each visitor of the Ionian sea combine with those of the Adriatic sea. For sea, lovers have various options in Apulia where to enjoy the amazing beach or discover the shoreline from the sea on a boat!


But this venue is not only about its sea: one more great reason to pick Apulia is the charm and beauties of its inland towns, villages full with history and divine tradition; it's pleasant indeed to walk through the age, along the antique stone alleys, between stunning frescoed churches and retreats excavated in the stone. For a complete immersion in conventional age, Alberobello is a much. The village of the Trulli, antique and peculiar pure while stone round homes are a unique and valuable destination for a wedding.


Extraordinary Castle for a wedding in Apulia


A magical castle filled with romance in Puglia for a gorgeous wedding in south Italy!


This is an amazing destination with elegant gardens and historical furniture for an individual high-end ceremony in Puglia. The castle is one the most known Italian wedding venue in the location and they provide an exceptional service for the demanding couple. The area is well located near Lecce, one of the most stunning cities in Sothern Italy with such an extremely special and unique development. There're rooms for the main family as well as for guests and it's possible to stay for a minimum quantity of nights. Celebrations can last until a later time as a tradition in a wedding in SALENTO Italy.


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How to get clearance in Italy

Planning a marriage in Italy? Congratulations! If you're UK citizen and getting married in Italy, not just will you need to plan the destination, food and flowers you'll need to know what lawful doc is needed in order for your get clearance in Italy too! Getting organized with the lawful side early is necessary so you can joy planning the completion of your special time and make sure it goes without issue!


We've therefore provided some key info below about how to get clearance in Italy? UK citizens who lived in the UK or the person who lives in the US, Canada, India etc and who are planning to get clearance in Italy.


How to get clearance in Italy?



Can we get lawful marriage in Italy?


If you're a couple, it's possible for you to get legal clearance in Italy as-long-as certain needs are completed. If one of the couples is a UK citizen, for example, the person who's from another state, you must also complete the paperwork needs with her/his state.


 What do we need to get a legitimate marriage in Italy?



If you're UK couple and live in the UK, you'll need to take some vital following steps before your Italian marriage in order to ensure your wedding in Italy is legally cleared:


Acquire a certificate of No Impediment


You'll need to acquire a doc of No Impediment. This is a bit referred to a CNI and knows in Italy as NULLA OSTA. In order to acquire a document of No impediment, you must initially both provide notice at your local register office in the United Kingdom of your intention to get cleared. After the notice has been submitted for the needed time and assuming no one has objected to the wedding! The doc of no impediment is released by your local registrar who'll sign and date the doc.


The document of no impediment certificates is valid for 180 days, so the marriage has to be celebrated within 180 days. Your complete names have to be stated on the document of no Impediment and these names have to be identical to the names in your passports.


If one of both are widowed or divorces or were before in civil partnership you'll need to appropriate doc in order to acquire the documents of No Impediment Britain.


Acquire a Statutory statement and sign in the front of a Notary


Both of you'll need to make a statutory statement. This includes your basic info such as your address, name, current marital status, and nationality. You'll need to arrange to go a notary public in your home state so that you can sign the statutory statement in front of them. Hence you must not sigh from before the meeting. The public notary will charge a little fee for this service. You'd check with fee will earlier than the meeting as fees might vary. The fee might also be needed to be paid in cash. You'd also to take your passport to this gathering.


Legalize the docs for clearance in Italy


Once you've acquired both of the documents of No impediment and the signed statutory statement the must the couple cleared for use abroad. This means that the doc will require to be sent to the Foreign Office in Your Home State for them to stamp the papers with Hague Apostille so they can be identified in Italy. The notary who signed the statement might be capable to arrange for this for you for small charges.


Organize for Translation of the documentation of No Impediment in Italy


When both docs of no impediment and the state have been cleared, you'll then need to have the legitimated paper of no impediment legitimately translated. As it'll become authorize Italian legal paper, the documentation of no impediment has to be translated into local language by an authorized translator in Italy. It then has to be cleared in Italy by an Italian official. This might be at a local court in Italy.


Send these papers to the Town Hall of where the marriage will take place


After the entire above steps have been undertaken you'll be commonly needed to send both the papers of No impediment and the statement to the town hall where the marriage will take place after clearance. You'd send these by registered courier or post.


It's all depending on the local town hall it might be essential to send the actual papers in the advice (the CONI and the statutory statement and all other needed papers). It might be sufficient to send and a scan and then take the actual there a weeks before the marriage, you'll need to check the needs of the local town hall.


After getting the complete clearance you'll need to check with the town hall how many times prior to your marriage this'd be. You'd also check if they require any further papers from you.


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Getting married in Lake Garda

Getting married in Lake Garda is unique and complete of romance and it's simple to understand the reason why couples pick this venue. It's most suggestive and celebrated sight, its very old castles, medieval townships, clear blue waters, grimy coves and flourishing Mediterranean plants make marriage in Lake Garda one of the most amazing options in North Italy.


The sight is exceptional: in the north show capped hills rise steeply from the clear water, in the south smoothly sloping shores dotted with medieval towns, historical villas and antique towns. Thanks to the mild climate you'll find lemon groves, palms, vineyards that produce wines and olives known throughout the Globe.


A Lake Garda marriage can accommodate a lot of diff tastes: amazing small village lakefront boasting remarkable resorts, quaint towns with a fill of romantic restaurants, lively villages with shiny stores, romantic promenades and untouched sights.


You can choose the ideal venue amongst the picturesque village of Sirmione developed on a contract peninsula jutting out onto Blue of the lake, Malcesine Torri, Del Benaco and Lazise entire of them with amazing medieval castles. Lake Garda marriage grants a wonderful setting for the wedding event as-well-as the reception.



Lake Garda Venues



Malcesine Wedding


A medieval town on the eastern side of the lake immersed in the lemon groves and fragrant olives, this is postcard town where Malcesine marriage take place. The town of Malcesine is clustered across the towering antique castle and the historical Palazzo and it remains to relate its medieval origins with its little port, village squares and cobbled roads covered with stores, boutiques, and enchanting restaurants.


Narrow archways guide to the antique castle that proudly towers on the sheer stone face and offers one of the most stunning sights for your Malcesine marriage over the crystal clear blue water and the surrounding small villages. The courtyard of the terrace is one of the most elegant areas to get married blessed by the warmth of nature and having as backdrop most amazing panorama. Pick Malcesine marriages for an unforgettable day immersed in the Lake Garda beauty.



Weddings in Torri del Benaco


At Lake Garda Torri del Benaco is a most romantic venue for fairy style marriage in Italy. Set on the southeastern part of the Lake Garda, it has completed the charm and grace of a medieval fishing town turn out to be one of the unique resorts. With its small colorful Harbour, the narrow cobbled streets, and the picturesque square and the building in the warm Venetian colors the tow holds its own exceptional relaxing and romantic atmosphere.


Its name due to the 3 towers and fine place on a rocky promontory overlooking the Lake Garda, Surrounding the village are steep mountains with some lush Mediterranean vegetation, vineyards and olive groves. The thirteenth-century castle and perimeter walls sport the middle of the town, recollecting a time when designers squeezed a lot of building as possible within secure lines of city walls. The Torri Del Benaco is heaven in its truest view and one of the most stunning venues of your wedding at Lake Garda.



Weddings in Sirmione


Marriages in Sirmione are the perfect option if you're looking for a historical place, lively village, and town at the short way from the airports and from the extreme romantic Verona. The Sirmione is one of the most wonderful towns on the south sides of the Lake Garda on a small Peninsula jutting into the turquoise crystal blue water. The thirteenth-century antique castle literally raises from the lake in the absolute stunning sand the sights from the crenelated turrets and towers is one of the stunning views.


Cypress groves, olive trees, lemon surround the majestic fields of the Grottoes of Catullo. The charming villas are opulent, good looking and it provides absolute romantic lake views. Clustered within the antique walls of the wonderful Scaligeri castle with its thin cobbled streets, elegant shops, bougainvillea covered buildings, restaurants, pavement cafes and Sirmione looks to be romantically suspended in time and memories of your marriage in Sirmione will last of a lifetime. Getting married in Sirmione is the most romantic option for unique and lively marriage in Lake Garda.



Weddings in Gardone


The Gardone Riviera is a un-spoilt village, picturesque in a sheltered bay where the mountains sides meet the lake shore. It's famous for its natural views and sophisticated climate. Here orange and lemon trees blend fragrantly with olive groves and oleanders, while palm trees side the amazingly long lakeside promenade.


During the 18th century's noble German and Austrian nobles built elegant and fantastic villas and residences transforming Gardone into a unique pearl, visited by the great vital people like Wagner, Einstein, and Churchill! The most well know villas are Vittoriale, the house of the well known 20th-century writer: Gabriele D'Annunzio. A remarkable destination for elegant and refined marriages in Lake Garda!


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How to get married in Italy

Italy is an ideal setting for a romantic and beautiful wedding. From the amazing mountains of Tuscany City to the sparkling canals of the Venice, there're so many stunning places to choose from. And with no residency needs, Italy is a famous place for global marriages. While it'll need some additional paperwork and planning on your part, you can simply handle the logistical needs of a place to get married in Italy.



How to get married in Italy?


Plan ahead:


You'll need at least 6 months to gather the entire of the appropriate documents. Defy the temptation to only hop on a plane to Italy with your lover. It's unlikely you'll be capable to have a legitimate binding event if you do not have the right documents.



Consider the type of celebration you wish:


Most religious and civil events have a restriction on the place. Civil ceremonies have to be conduct in a town hall and Catholic ceremonies often are conducted in a church.


  • While a town hall seems like a boring, clinical setting, a lot of them is placed in elegance castles, palaces or villas. The Palazzo Vecchio in Florence or the Palazzo Municipale in Ferraro with its striking Sala Rossa is very valuable spots.
  • If you're heart set on an outside event, check with the local deputy or mayor to see if they'll perform the event in your desired place or outdoor venue.


Select a venue:


While the general rules of wedding apply in the similar ways entire over Italy, certain villages might fewer needs than others. Once you decide on a venue, now contact the registry of the local village hall for their exact needs.


Apply for the passport:


If you don't have a legitimate passport, then you'll need to apply for a new one. You'll need to permit at least 6 weeks to get your new passport, so fulfill your application right away.


Collect your birth documents:


A couple will need to have real birth documents in hand to get a wedding in Italy. If you don't have all real documents then acquire them as-soon-as-possible!


Provide proof of the end of earlier marriages:


If applicable, you'll need to prove that previous weddings have been lawfully dissolved. This may need you to acquire a divorce paper, an annulment decree, or the birth doc of your late spouse if you've been widowed. You'll need the actual docs of these papers as well.


  • Few citizens might also need to swear NULLA OSTA to be allowed to the wedding. For instance, citizens of Australians have to give your word a NULLA OSTA at the Consulate of Australia in the Milan or at the Rome. The NULLA OSTA is a confirmed deceleration that you're lawfully allowed to wedding somebody.


Acquire an ATTO NOTORIO in your own state if doable:


This is a state where you confirm that you've no hurdle to getting married in Italy. You may find it simple to get this completed at an Italian consulate in your home state before you leave for your marriage rather than at your state's Embassy or the Embassy in Italy. There're few things to remember as you done the ATTO NOTORIO, such as:


  • This statement has to be shown by 2 witnesses. The witness has to be at least eighteen years old, they have to know you and your fiancé, and they can't be a family member or future in-laws. Think of asking buddies, co-workers as your witness.


Learn about further laws for an ATTO NOTORIO accomplished in your wedding destination Italy:


If you decide to acquire an ATTO NOTORIO in Italy, you have to do so at the closest Notary office to the venue of your marriage. You must also have 2 witnesses as I mentioned earlier with details. If you, your mate or even one of your 2 witnesses don't speak Italian, then you have to also hire an interpreter to be there at the notarization.


  • You'll also require offering proof of your lawful presence in Italy, such as Visa, a plane ticket or a permit to live.
  • You must acquire 2 income stamps (costing sixteen Euros for each one) and one more stamps costing 10.63 Euros. These lower price stamps will need 4 to 10 days to the procedure and then pick-up for your notarization. If you require the stamps released on the venue, then you'll need to purchase the similar to 2 stamps costing sixteen Euros for each one and a 3rd stamp costing 30.85 Euros.
  • Make your meeting for the ATTO NOTTARIO very well in advance. If you just have limited value of time in Italy, then you need to ensure you've this meeting lined up earlier than going.


Submit your declaration to get married in Italy:
You'll do this in the wedding office belonging to the town hall where you intend to acquire marriage in Italy. For the question, how to get married in Italy? You'll need whole the above docs in order to this.


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LUXURY Italian wedding VENUES

Italy is the marriage destination of the first choice of famous and rich, and with extremely luxurious venues which include former areas set into the Cliff Edge in Ravello to luxury villas on the line of Lake Como it is not difficult to see why. From the James Stunt and Petra Ecclestone to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise; Hollywood royals and the Planet's elite have picked Italy as their dream wedding venue. Italy is house to a few of the most luxury and extravagant wedding venues in the universe and we've kidnapped some of the most luxurious...



Forte di Belvedere, Florence - A Gateway to Joy


Located on the highest mountain of the elegant Boboli, Gardens, Fort Di Belvedere is a 1500 fort surrounded by the 13th-century antique walls and is sealed Gate of San Giorgio. This mesmerizing fort is situated on the southern mountains of the Arno River and is a stunning destination to hold your exceptional day. Due to its spectacular place and height, the Fortress boasts of the most amazing sights over the city of elegant Florence. This exquisite destination was chosen for the famous celebrity couple Kayne West and Kim Kardashian, who hired the destination for their wedding event.



Borgo Egnazia, Puglia - Choice of the Super Stars


This is a five-star retreat you do not wish to miss. Built completely local materials, Borgo Egnazia provides a couple a memorable experience in the core of Valle D'ltria Mountains, located on over 50 acres of un-spoilt land alongside with the Adriatic Sea and covered by antique olive groves, the exclusive resort was where famous Hollywood celebrities Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake said their marriage vows. It also delivered such romantic backdrop as Justin Timberlake himself serenaded Jessica Biel with a song written only for her as she a little walked down the aisle. This luxury destination has an inspiring option of dining choices which include an amazing beach restaurant, as-well-as an award-winning luxurious spa.



Hotel Caruso, Ravello - A Majestic Reception


Perfectly fit royalty, this former eleventh-century palace is the ideal venue to hold your luxury wedding ceremonies. Set into the Cliff edge 350-M above the sea level, Hotel Caruso will go away you and your guests really captivated its unrivaled sea sights, wonderful gardens, and grand courtyards. With exceptional infinity pool that overlooks stunning views of the Amalfi Coasts, this Five Star hotel provides luxury accommodation with amazingly soft furnishing and sole wall art and is the ideal haven for your luxury wedding.



Hotel Cipriani, Venice - Surrounded by Crystal Clear Water


Wedding in one of the planet's most beautiful city means you'll need a venue just as elegant for your reception. Hotel Cipriani will allow you and your respectable guest at City's top table, with handmade Murano glass chandeliers and some truly breathtaking lagoon sights. The exquisite hotel boasts royals' suites with private courtyards, Jacuzzis and Plunge Pools and totally uninterrupted views of the city for your ideal wedding venue.



Tranquil Celebrations - SPA and Mezzatorre Resort, Ischia


Tucked away between the ruins of an antique 16th-century watchtower you'll find one of the most elegant and calm resorts in Italy. The SPA and Mezzatorre are renowned for its breathtaking sights of the Mediterranean Sea are an only a few miles from the Port of Naples, and a ferry drive from Capri. This luxury resort is not just ideal for your wedding ceremonies, but also for your wedding nights; young couples can enjoy the stunning SPA treatments and the lands thermal hot springs that flow into 3 of the therapy pools.



Odescalchi Castle, Rome - Historical setting


This luxurious wedding venue surrounded by the sea packed complete of natural elegance and bursting with antiques. This is Odescalchi Castle: an ideal venue to hold a dream wedding. From the bridal preparations in the exceptional suites, a celebration in the antique Gazebo or your even event in the walled patios – this wonderful castle will add WOW factor to your wedding ceremony.



Villa Durazzo, Portofino - A Winning Formula


Where superior to hold your marriage celebrations than a most famous town on the Italian Riviera, Portofino, the venue where movie stars and celebrities block, is the ideal venue for those looking for an exclusive and luxurious setting. The stunning Villa Durazzo is dominated by breathtaking sea views and stunning gardens. Located in the lands you will find in the ancient Braque Church of San Giacomo and the ideal venue to say your vows before your return to the villa for your wedding ceremony. Inside you can joy the stunning architecture and murals; while outdoor your guests can sit below a covered courtyard that overlooks the Harbour. One of the most famous choices of stars, the Villa was where Coleen McLaughlin and Wayne Rooney held their 3-day Marriage celebrations.


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Ronald Reagan jr, a marriage made in Italy. The son of former US President mocks the paparazzi and anticipates the wedding

The media clamor for the ceremony in Arezzo with the Italian partner, the Aretina Federica Basagni pushed them to anticipate the event by one day. He is a blue suit, she with a simple dress without a veil. They married a civil ceremony in the city council.


So much noise, for nothing, or almost. The expected marriage between Ronald Reagan jr, son of the former US President and the Italian, Aretine of origin, Federica Basagli, announced for today, Saturday 21st July 2018, have not been there. Because mocking paparazzi and media, annoyed by the leak of news from the previous days, Ron, this diminutive, has decided to bring them forward a day. Civil ceremony in the Municipality of Arezzo, a handful of guests, no more than a dozen to celebrate the couple, austere in the choice of clothing: dark blue suit, white shirt and pearl gray tie for the Reagan heir, a long white dress without sleeves, covered by a cape of light tulle for her made by the Pansardi tailoring of Arezzo; no veil, hair collected Renaissance style and held by a golden chaplet; a bouquet of very discrete white flowers in your hands.


The news of the marriage has been made official only today. The civil ceremony took place at Palazzo Cavallo, the seat of the city council, not as announced before the mayor of Arezzo, Alessandro Ghinelli, but to the councilor Roberto Bardelli. The festivities are just the same. The couple lives between Arezzo and Seattle and has chosen to organize a wedding dinner in the Aliciati restaurant, not far from their home. They know it since its opening eight months ago, and for the occasion, it was booked exclusively for newlyweds and guests, most relatives of the new wife. Decoration, Spartan, a centerpiece and flowers on the staircase leading to the hall, with stone walls. The menu chosen was based on typical dishes and as dessert no White House style cake, but single portions of a micro meringue with lemon.


He, Ron Reagan Jr is just 60 years old, a well-known journalist in the States, she is a forty-year-old law graduate who met Ronny & Nancy's son in the USA where she went to teach. Lovers of objects and antique furniture have tastefully furnished the apartment in the center of Arezzo. Widowed since 2014 after 30 years of marriage, for Ron Reagan these are the second wedding. The choice of a wedding so far from reflectors and large media coffers reflects the personality of Reagan Jr. Very independent since he was a boy he was also removed from the school he attended in California. Crescendo maintained a "liberal" spirit, but preferred to remain defunct during the paternal presidency. After meeting his future wife, they went to live in Seattle. Where they will return after the honeymoon. Also consistent with the style of the ceremony. They will pass it through the home in Arezzo.



Italy castle wedding venues

Every bride wishes to feel like a princess on their wedding moment! How better to make this awesome feeling, than by being wedded in a castle? Most are the place high above the neighboring land amid gardens and graceful parks, offering breathtaking views. Few of dominates cities and towns. Or have breathtaking sights on the sea or the lake.


A few of them are romantically planned; few others are surrounded by surrounded by the hamlets when secured. Entire of them are loving preserves and restored, with the addition of advanced comforts, and most have accommodation for a fine number of guests so that everybody can share the noble experience. The unique, historical and complete atmosphere, Italy castle wedding vanes offer several of possibilities regarding event's design: effects, flowers, lights, draperies, modern or vintage in furniture, the possibilities to create them ever more sole are infinite!



Castle near Florence


In the core of the Florentine hills, only 30 KM for Florence and fifty km from Siena, well linked to the highly suggestive places of Tuscany, you'll find the antique castle of the 15th century. Inside the castle walls, our visitors can give their event and wedding greeting: the whole ground area with its arcades, frescoed halls, the courtyard, and its elegant gardens, will be the backdrop of your wedding moment. We can also offer the hospitality. Beyond the walls, but remain in the land, there's a mansion, cuddle up in the mounts of Chianti, sunflower fields, and olive groves.



Castle near Gaiole in Chianti


Such as pixie tale, this castle states itself in the Chianti soil at the last of the pleasing driveway lined with junipers & cypresses, between fields and vineyards kissed by nature. The castle with its places, welcomes your wedding reception and ceremony: at the guests disposal is the complete main floor of the castle (a series of frescoed and furnished rooms),terraces overlooking the Chianti mounts, gardens, finally the old stables that has an open area that you can beautify to make everything you pick from a relaxing lounge or dancing place to an area to have exceptional meal.



Castle near Rome


The corridor of the Caesars, secret garden, the antique tower, the room of Arms... 500 years of age carries on to live in the gardens and rooms of this stunning castle in Rome. The dearness of the historical masterworks of the Renaissance is extremely well joint with the range and functionality of areas. Your events will be an idea for a small number of guests or ceremony up to 1000 people. The attention to each detail: lighting, atmosphere, music and floral decorations, is followed by each time of our staff including the entire paper works required to have your special wedding here. We'll be glad to develop an impressive and unique atmosphere to offer each guest an unforgettable welcome.



Castle near Fiesole


Castle near Fiesole is an antique mention of the 12th century, in the countryside, but only a few minutes' drives away from the Florence. Here you can arrange charming wedding ceremonies and receptions, also in state style and have accommodations for your guests in the field in the property. The antique courtyard becomes a perfect place to set a stunning appetizer, whilst the eating place, where they're up to 70 people, will take your breath away thanks to the stunning sights of the Tuscan countryside. Here, the cook reinterprets the recipes of the local civilization, mixing the tastes of Mediterranean cuisine with pioneering ideas.



Castle Near San Casciano


This castle dominates a medieval town and old house on the slope of the mount, whose landscape reaches the valley below. Inside these walls, you'll find out the ideal is to arrange your exceptional occasion. The garden patio is perfect for aperitifs with amazing sunsets over the mountains of the Chianti region. The event carries on in the delightful loggia and patio, wherever you can eat outsides, or in the corridors, remarkable for the melodic atmosphere. Extremely romantic is the small Romanesque church placed in the town that'll make your religious event unforgettable.



Castle on the hills of Florence


This place is one of the most stunning and romantic in complete of Tuscany, placed a few Km from the city center. Nestled in the mountains overlooking Florence, it's the ideal setting to celebrate your special events. Having one of the most picturesque sighs of the elegant city and the romantic climate of the courtyard, it'll frame your party amazingly. The has several areas that can be applied for the occasions: the romantic courtyard and beautiful gardens will make the ideal climate for the summer while the indoor areas furnished with antiques and painting of the 15th century alongside with winter garden veranda, will offer an exceptional alternative in case of bad weather situation or during the colder term.


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source: civitavecchia.portmobility
source: civitavecchia.portmobility
Indian wedding in Italy ǀ Hindu Wedding in Italy

The Indian wedding or Hindu wedding is the most vital event in Hindu culture. Indian wedding ceremonies might vary according to the local traditions of the various parts of India, they follow antique rites and the wedding ritual can last 3 or more days. And the climax of the complete ceremony is the ritual 7 steps when the groom and bride exchange 7 promises that'll blind their lives always.


Before telling you about the best places to get married in Italy I show you a beautiful video of SHAADI VIDEOGRAPHY



Indian wedding in Italy


Italy has a lot of graceful and prestigious wedding destinations with the possibility of special rental and accommodation for a remarkable Indian wedding celebration with your guests: antique castles, wonderful vials with a super luxury garden where to build your "MANDAP" decorated by picked floral designers.


We can help you to pick the ideal destinations and experts for remarkable Indian Wedding in Italy. Among the various marriage celebrations in Italy, Indian marriage are glamorous, traditional and spectacular. We like to plan them as we cannot help you find the most elegant and beautiful destinations for your Hindu marriage in Italy. A lot of Italian venues, in fact, are ideal for such a vital occasion and most of them are highly suitable for 3 days celebrations like most of Hindu wedding in Italy require.


If you're planning a Hindu marriage in Italy, we can help you arrange the complete ceremony: the Mehendi for the ladies, a Sikh or a Hindu celebration everything else. It'll be so vital for us to listen to your needs and to suggest you some super plans for the decoration of the MANDAP with some exceptional flowers.


We cannot wait for hearing from you regarding the entire your desires. Arranging a Hindu marriage in Italy provides us the option to forever learn new things and we're ready to lean novel ones from you Designing the ideal marriage is a vital job that can be achieved just by listening attentively and knowing the couple's desires and wishes: your individual wedding organizer will accompany you during the entire planning stage, helping you step by step.



Top venues for Indian wedding in Italy:



Wedding in Rome


Romance and Renaissance imperative Rome is an ideal venue to celebrate your marriage. So good looking is this city that each corner severs as a breathtaking backdrop for you Hindu wedding ceremonies.
A sole amalgamation of the age and romance, Rome is also an extremely convenient venue to have a destination Indian wedding. You, guests, will like wandering via Rome's fabulous streets.


The Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Picture perfect super antique churches with the remarkable dining experience at Michelin Star Restaurants will provide them memories to relish for a lifetime. The advance architecture joint with renaissance hills makes this city a desirable Indian wedding destination.



Wedding in Amalfi


The Amalfi coast is one of the most hospitable destinations in Italy. The amazing ocean views, warm sunshine, and the ever Blue stunning sky make it an ideal setting for a wedding venue. Sample a few of the finest seafood, liquor, and wines, ornate Pizzas with yum gooey mozzarella dripping completely over.


The purple and red bougainvillea flowers add a typical decoration to the cliff peak homes and make them look exceptional. The antique monitories, flowering gardens, picturesque villas and Moorish areas offer you various option to pick from for your Indian marriage functions.



Wedding in Lake Como


Have the Indian wedding of your dreams in one of the highest luxury wedding venue of the planet – Lake Como. Home to the famous star George Clooney, the village boasts of enchanting typical good looks that'll leave you spellbound.


The antique towns, Menaggio, Lenno, Bellagio, and Tremezzo alongside with ancient vials are the ideal backdrop for your Hindu destination wedding in Italy. Lake Como has an amazing romantic charm that'll move you. Create some magic as you say I do in the graceful and elegant town of Lake Como.



Wedding in Tuscany


Welcome to the most photographed and painted place in Italy. The scenic towns, rolling vineyards, and sprawling Squares will leave you fascinated! This dreamy destination is also blessed with an elegant coastline which boasts of breathtaking sights and azure waters.


Get the married in a little antique venue or in a Cliffside castle lit with traditional things; the experience is equally romantic. Villages such as Lucca, Pisa, Certaldo, Montalcino, San Gimignano, and Cortona serve as an ideal setting for Hindu marriage venue. Intimate to the core, this place will leave a solid stamp of love on deep of your heart and soul.



Wedding in Venice


Imagine a couple taking a Gondola ride on the glittering Grand Canal to access your marriage destination. This amazing city Venice is the stuff dreams are made of. It spoils you for the enormous option when it comes to hosting an Indian wedding ceremony. Pick to get married in the individual renaissance areas or deal in the remarkable garden and luxury grounds of an antique island of Monastery.


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